How to create a vision board

How to create a vision board

If anyone else is as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, then you’ll already understand the premise of creating a vision board, even if you don’t realise it. Both are aspirational spaces where you gather together pretty visuals of things you dream of having, making, doing and being. What’s different about a vision board is that it’s a physical thing, and more bespoke than a pinterest page. It takes you back to the childhood and teenage joys of cutting out pictures from magazines and making collages. Sounds like fun, right?!

My vision board - education, career and adventure

My vision board – education, career and adventure

What’s the point of a vision board?

A vision board is a collage representing the most important things you want in your life – a focused collection of your hopes and dreams. It’s a way to visualise your ideal life, which in turn helps you to create it, by making your more determined and open to opportunities. It also makes you really consider and crystallise what it is you want, and how you’re going to get it.


How exactly you create your vision board is up to you, but here are some pointers to get you started:

Decide what to include

You might be overwhelmed at first with all the choices of things you could possibly put on your board, so take some time to browse image collections and magazines and choose things which jump out at you. You can always discard later.

If you’re a list-making type, then it might help you to write down your most important life goals. These can be short term or long term, from getting a promotion to buying a house of your own.

It might help to look at examples of other vision boards, but don’t be too influenced by them – this is yours and yours alone, and you’ll do it differently to anyone else.


Superheroes to make me feel powerful, and reminders to wake up early and bounce out of bed!

Superheroes to make me feel powerful, and reminders to wake up early and bounce out of bed!

Think big

The point of the vision board is to be specific. Don’t shy away from things you think you can’t achieve but ultimately aspire to – they’re the things which need to be on your board more than anything else! You want that 10-bedroom mansion in the country? Go for it! Personally, I don’t think I could cope with the cleaning. The point is, you don’t want a vision board full of mediocre things – this is the shooting for the stars stuff.

You may decide to have different vision boards for different aspects of your life: one for home and family, one for work, one for skills and hobbies, and so on. But if that seems overwhelming, start with just one with the most important things right now.

 The practicalities

For arty types, this is the fun bit. Once you’ve gathered together all your images, you can set about putting them together. You’ll need to cut things to size and move things around to make an aesthetically-pleasing and coherent vision board. Remember, you’re the only one who has to like and understand it, so do what you want with it! If you have a corkboard, you can pin things on that, or you can just get a piece of card and stick your pictures on.

I laminated my pictures just to make them ‘pop’ a bit more and to make the whole board a bit more sturdy, but that’s because I’m a former primary school teacher, which I’m sure gives you a lifelong addiction to laminators.

Once you’re happy with your design, stick everything down, and hang or stick your board on the wall where you’ll see it often.

Education and career aspirations

Education and career aspirations

Make the most of it

Have it somewhere highly visible, where it will catch your eye several times a day. Mine hangs above my desk, so I’m constantly glancing up at it while I’m working. It makes me smile and so far seems to be decreasing procrastination time – as soon as I catch sight of it, I’m re-motivated to get down to it!

Take time to look at each of your selected images, reminding yourself what it means and thinking about how you are going to achieve it. I look at my superheroes before leaving the house to remind myself to go out there with a powerful mindset!

It’s not permanent,and you can afford to be flexible with it. Your goals will change and different things will be important at different times. Keep it inspiring, and enjoy it!


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