About This Crazy Beautiful Life

Aged 25, stressed, unhappy and wondering what was happening to her life, Katy decided that something had to change. She quit her job as a teacher, moved to London and began to forge the career she had long dreamed of: becoming a writer. Within a few months, she was travelling around western Europe, earning a living through writing, and doing things which made her happy.

She started talking to other young women and realised that many of them felt like she had. They were experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Finding only limited information and support on the subject, Katy decided something needed to be done – and This Crazy, Beautiful Life is the result.

The book This Crazy, Beautiful Life draws upon case studies and psychological theory to explore the causes and characteristics of a quarter-life crisis. Then, with the help of professional life coaches and numerous successful women, it provides practical techniques, resources and skills in order to discover long-term happiness and confidence. You can buy the book here.

This website fully supports the book and provides a dynamic platform for young people to communicate, find resources, seek support and share their own quarter-life stories. Membership is free, and you can register here.

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Katy answers your FAQs

The term Quarter-Life Crisis has only come into common use in recent years. It is used to give a name to the phenomenon many young people are currently experiencing – a period of intense stress, anxiety and a feeling of lack of direction or confusion within their lives.

Quarter-Life Crises can occur for a variety of reasons and can happen beyond or before the ages of 20-29, however, people in their twenties who have finished education and have begun work are the most likely to experience one.

For many young people, a quarter-life crisis occurs shortly after university, when either a struggle to find a job or disillusionment with their work or more general life situation provokes unhappiness and anxiety.

It is not something silly, or something to be ashamed of – it happens to a lot of young people. This Crazy, Beautiful Life means that you don’t have to cope alone.

Of course, men can experience quarter-life crises as well, and I don’t want men to feel excluded from using the site or reading the book.

I first approached the book from my own perspective, so my research naturally took me to investigate causes and issues particularly affecting women.

As examined in the book, a greater number of young women than men feel anxious on a regular basis, and particularly worries about families and relationships are greater stressors for women, and I was interested in how the long struggle for equality has put particular pressures on women.

However, I have had numerous requests to write a book specifically for men too, which I hope to do sometime soon. Over time, I hope the site will develop as well, to include a greater number of resources aimed at men.

The book is available to buy either as a pdf direct from this site, or in kindle format from Amazon. You can select and buy it in your preferred format here.

It is not currently available in print, but I hope to make it so in the near future. If you are interested in buying the book as a print version, please register your interest here.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or a talk for a group of people or personal advice session for an individual, please fill in the contact form on the Talks and Workshops page, where example packages and pricing are also available.

I will be happy to discuss your requirements and create a package just for you.



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