This Crazy, Beautiful Life

The girls' guide to successfully navigating a quarter-life crisis

Your twenties are a time of unparalleled freedom and possibility, with all of life’s opportunities stretching out ahead of you. But for many of us, the amount of choice, the pressure from society, and comparing ourselves to our peers, creates a quarter-life crisis, fraught with stress and anxiety.

If you have ever had the panicky feeling that you’re not sure what to do with your life, or that you’re living the life you think you should, rather than the one you want, then you’ve come to the right place.

The book This Crazy, Beautiful Life has been written especially to help you combat the anxieties and stresses of being a modern twenty-something, and to find your way to long term confidence and happiness, wherever this crazy, beautiful life may take you.

The Book

The place to start for both young women, and those that wish to help them – educators, parents, managers – is with the book This Crazy, Beautiful Life.

The book provides a unique collection of case studies, practical techniques and targeted advice from professional life coaches. It is the starting point to understand the origins and causes of a quarter-life crisis, as well as being full of tools and resources to get young women on their way to a happier, more fulfilled future.

Quarter-Life Crisis Workshops

Tailor-made workshops for students, graduates and twenty-somethings in the workplace are available.

Whether you are a college, university, workplace or individual, you can book Katy to run a workshop or to give a talk addressing unique quarter-life crisis issues.

Examples of packages and pricing are available here.

Become a Member

By becoming a member of the site, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, forums and expert advice, additional to that available within the book. You’ll be able to chat with other twenty-somethings and share your quarter-life experiences. It’s all free, so jump right in and start your journey!



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