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Say Hello!
Started by Katy Stewart 3 years ago

Hello and welcome to the forums!

So, you've registered, you've read the getting started guide, and you're ready to go! 

Just before you launch into discussions, leave a quick note here to introduce yourself, and you'll soon get to know other members too!

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ramblingtart replied 3 years ago...

Hello, brave people! I'm Krista, writer, photographer, and goat farmer in Australia. Can't wait to hear your stories and get to know you better.

Katy Stewart commented 3 years ago
Welcome! It's so great to have you here, Krista!

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jen16267 replied 3 years ago...

Hi Katy! Smile

I´m Jenny, I´m from the UK. I´m working part-time and studying whilst figuring out what I want to do with my life! My problem is I keep changin my mind!! Undecided


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